Emergency Tow Truck Tacoma WA

Emergency Tow Truck Tacoma WA

24/7 Emergency Tow Truck Service in Tacoma WA

Have you gotten yourself involved in a traffic wreck all of a sudden? After inspecting yourself to see whether you’re okay, the next thing you have to do is to check on your car and attempt to assess the damage. If you believe it’s not possible to drive it you always have the choice to call a towing service to transport your vehicle to a car repair shop. One reputable company you can depend on for quality services is County Towing.  You may find us in Tacoma WA where customers that are near us would always call us.

Situations Where Towing Is Needed
A good situation where this kind of service is needed is when the tires come off suddenly. There have been instances where tires will detach from the car due to rusted bolts. It is almost always a good idea to get your car checked from time to time to protect against this sort of situation from happening to you. Additionally, this can lead to accidents on the road that may be deadly at times so that is why it is highly recommended that you keep your car maintained.
Another situation in which you are likely to need our emergency towing services will be when you get motor problems which are past repair. In case you have enough knowledge to understand what’s happening with your motor, make sure you check the engine if it can still be fixed on the spot using} a mechanic or not. So, if you see that the damage is too severe, call us immediately so that we can tow your car or truck
Have Us Tow Your Car Right Away!
With our years of towing experience, we can assure you that we can safely tow your car or truck. Our flatbed truck is always kept maintained in exceptional condition so that it will not malfunction throughout the process. Our tow truck drivers are excellent at driving a flatbed truck, and that means you won’t need to be worried about your car getting thrown from it if it is being driven to an auto mechanic.
Pierce County Towing is a specialist in regards to providing a hassle-free towing service for customers. Should you need to hire us to tow your vehicle in the future, you can call us at

(253) 393-9874

If you ever end up stuck anywhere in Tacoma Washington, call us immediately!

Our emergency towing services are available in these areas to serve you:

Milton, WA

Fife, WA

Sumner, WA

Maple Valley, WA

Pierce County and anywhere in between!


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Emergency Tow Truck Tacoma WA


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